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6-Week Personal Training Support Programs - NDIS

Our goal is to provide fitness-specific strength, flexibility and

conditioning programs to assist in the personal development of your fitness journey.

  • Fitness for all abilities
  • Private PT options to help reach your goals
  • Supportive Environment
  • Increase your mobility & independence
  • Face-to-Face Available - Central Coast, Western Sydney & Melbourne
  • Zoom classes available - Australia Wide

To learn more speak to Nick, Helen or Keith via appointment



Quality Services & Programs

We are committed to providing you with quality services & programs to meet your requirements. This means offering you the right service or program that suits your individual needs and goals.

Free Will & Choice

We welcome discussions with the participant, family member, or carer to assist in your decision when it comes to our offerings. We also value your free will and choice & support in all decision-making.


We want you to feel safe and supported when using our services. You have the right to a service that is free from abuse, discrimination, neglect, or force. Our Company maintains an Emergency Policy and Procedure to deal with unexpected events.