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Your 4-Month Couples Breakthrough Program with Carol Johnston-Mollica

& Luke Mollica

Here is an overview of our 16-week breakthrough

Please see below for the breakdown as discussed.

Using Modalities of NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis

Relationship Breakthrough 4-month program

It is important with the couple's breakthrough that both people want to save the relationship. We spend a lot of time on history especially if there have been past hurts that keep manifesting in new relationships. What patterns are present when choosing a partner.

Week 1 - Couple's session ( Specific Questions in relation to the couple's breakthrough ) + another session on the same week with each individual. ( Questions & Evidence Criteria/ End Result )

Weeks 2, 3 & 4 - We will start with questioning that allows us to dig deep into your personal history. We also look at evidence criteria which is going to help me to make sure that I help you get the best results. When we work with our clients we look at a specific area of life. ( health & personal wellness )

Week 5 - More Personal History + Values Elicitation

Week 6 - This is where we start the process.  Elicitation of your Time Line. We start timeline therapy by eliminating anger and sadness (Individual Session) Plus Couples session in the same week

Week 7 - Again we are doing timeline therapy this week, we eliminate Fear and Hurt.

Week 8 - Still working on eliminating negative emotions in this session we eliminate guilt and extra emotions from personal history.

Week 9 - Working on Limiting Beliefs/Decisions

Week 10 - We may still be working on limiting beliefs ( Individual ) plus Couples session in the same week.

Week 11 - Parts integration which is all about eliminating inner conflict and bringing your body and nervous system back to wholeness. Values realignment

Week 12 - We will be doing Ho'opono'pono (mirror work) + future pacing.

Week 13 - Goal Setting

Week 14 - Relationship Hypnosis Session

Week 15 - Couples session - Relationship vision ( session 1 )

Week 16 - Couples session - Relationship vision ( session 2 )

Make sure we have addressed everything, Checking of evidence criteria/accountability.

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Each program is specifically designed for each individual client.

No breakthroughs are the same.

* Extra sessions will incur a price per-session fee

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