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Founders of Mindset Mastery NLP

Carol Johnston-Mollica alongside her husband Luke Mollica is a dynamic heart-centred couple creating positive impact locally, nationally & Internationally with their accredited trainings, private coaching, relationships events & retreats including personal development programs.

Their vision is to continue our amazing work to create the ripple effect amongst communities throughout the world. We live and breathe transformation hence our tagline of "Transformed for Life" Once you experience this type of personal transformation with Mindset Mastery NLP, it is a welcome reset for your unconscious mind.

Since 2019, Mindset Mastery NLP has provided its services in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, U.K & Zurich to hundreds of people creating positive change.

The Top FAQ's for The Relationship Recharge Event

If I have a good relationship what would I get from this day?

Relationships can grow and evolve and there is always something to learn. In fact, we did a course similar to this just for fun to gain knowledge and make things even better.

If my relationship is in trouble would this help us?

Absolutely, communication is key and we will show you new ways to communicate.

There will also be an opportunity to ask us questions and get feedback.

No topics are off-limits

What if my partner doesn`t want to come to the event with me?

Ideally and especially if you are having struggles in your relationship it would be optimal for you both to be there. There will be exercises that you will be doing together.

However, if you go to the event on your own you will gain lots of

information to take home and put into practice.

I am single, what would I get from this event?

A deeper understanding of self and what you want and don`t want in a partner.

Reflection of what has happened in past relationships and

how to do things differently next time round.

Can we ask questions anonymously?

We will have a questions box at the event - No Topic is Off-Limits

Refunds Policy

As this is a bespoke event, there are no refunds however tickets may be

transferrable to another person/s or our next event.