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“How is it that these two modalities can have such profound results in helping people heal and come back home to themselves into oneness? As a trainer and coach using NLP and Time Line Therapy ®, I have had the honor of witnessing hundreds of clients and students be transformed for life.” – Carol Johnston-Mollica


Neuro: “The brain, our thoughts.”

Linguistic: “The words we speak to ourselves and others.”

Programming: “Our upbringing, our experiences, the things that have happened to us.”


“As human beings, we all feel the five negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt. When we have experienced significant emotional events in our lives, we can sometimes hold on to the negative emotions attached to those experiences. Time Line Therapy ® allows us to completely eliminate the emotions attached from events in our past to enable us to enjoy the compelling future that everyone deserves.”

Carol said, “The beautiful thing about NLP is that as a trainer or coach, or practitioner, it allows me to question my clients in such a way that they feel heard. In all reality, that is the one thing that most people want. To be heard and acknowledged.” 


Instead of asking disempowering ‘WHY’ questions, why not ask clients or students ‘For what purpose?’ ‘How is that a problem?’ ‘For what intention?’ ‘How?’ ‘What if?’ These questions empower people to dig deep and find the answers within themselves.

“I remember a client saying to me (after she had told me that she had been in and out of therapy for over 20 years) ‘What is this magic? No other professional service provider has ever questioned me like this?’ Those questions allow her to open up, speak her truth, and be heard. At the end of the day, that`s exactly what most people want, and that is “to be heard.” 

Carol continued, “Imagine this, a young woman was seeing me for anxiety and depression. I asked her, ‘how do you know?’ ‘How do you know you have anxiety?’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘What does it feel like?’ Her answer was ‘because a doctor told me.’ Then she realized what she had said. She had been given the diagnosis (label), and she wore it like a coat. She took ownership of the label, and it controlled her life. However, now that has changed, and she lives her life without it.” 


Time Line therapy ® works in conjunction with NLP. It allows the client to travel back along their timeline to release negative emotions attached to events from their past. Allowing the client`s unconscious mind to do all the work and give the answers they need to let go of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt. This modality allows the client to find the first event the first time they felt the emotion. By going back to the first event, they can then release the said emotion on every significant emotional event that happened after that until the present moment in time. 

Carol shared, “I remember the very first time I experienced Time Line Therapy (R). It was at my practitioner training. There I was thinking to myself, ‘I`m ok,’ I don`t have any emotional baggage to let go of, ‘I`m fine.’ But, I had no idea how much healing I needed, things that I had pushed aside, the emotions connected to family, childhood, the feeling of never being enough in my late teenage years, the loss of my dad, my divorce, an abusive relationship, and the list goes on. 

All of that was present under the surface. I can honestly say that in that training, I got to experience exactly what a client would go through; it was my confirmation. I knew that, at that moment, I needed to take my studies further to the next level. The experience was profound, and when I revisited all of those events, there was absolutely no emotion attached.

This is precisely why I do what I do now as a trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy ®. Our students go through the same processes as a client. In our training, they can also experience their own healing journey, allowing them to become incredible practitioners.”

Interested in availing Carol’s expertise? Just visit her website here to book a training session with her. 

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