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The 5 Health Benefits of Modern Hypnosis

Insomnia and struggling to fall asleep

Hypnosis can be used to trigger a sense of mental relaxation, thus promoting sleep. This is particularly important for individuals with conditions such as insomnia and trouble falling and staying asleep. The hypnosis practitioner uses verbal cues to put the client in a trance stage. One of the advantages of hypnotherapy is that the client can fall asleep while in session, and even fall asleep quickly and without struggle even after going home. 

Hypnosis, among other relaxation techniques, can be used to help ease anxiety  

How does it work: This method works by inducing natural relaxation response through nonverbal or verbal cues, slow breathing, instilling a sense of wellbeing, and lowering blood pressure. It is by tapping into these that once can slowly overcome anxiety hence live a healthy life.

Weight Release

Many people who have weight issues often struggle with sticking to diets however they have also formed bad habits in regard to eating.

How does this work: Hypnosis helps the client change their bad eating habits so that they can make healthier choices on a subconscious level, to the point where foods they once craved no longer have an effect.

Chronic Pains

Chronic pains can be debilitating.  If you have been suffering from chronic pains, either after a surgery, tension headaches, and migraines, hypnosis might be of help. 

How it works: Hypnosis helps give you more self-control over pain by making it possible to cope with the same. Several hypnosis sessions are, however required for this to be effective in the long run. 

Quitting Smoking

While it may be hard to leave this habit, working with a hypnotherapist can help you stop.  

How it works: 

One should have the need and drive to want to quit for this to work. There are two ways in which hypnotherapy can work. First, you need to find an effective replacement habit, and a healthy habit instead of smoking. The second step will be to train your mind to think of the adverse effects and undesirable feelings associated with smoking.

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