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Mindset Mastery NLP

Not Just a Training Company

Owned by Husband-and-Wife Team Carol and Luke Mollica.

Carol and Luke are dedicated you your growth and expansion. At Mindset Mastery NLP when you work with us either as a student or coaching client we want you to feel like family.

Our Certification Courses are run in small intimate groups. With a smaller group, we ensure that all student`s questions are answered. There is nothing worse than investing in a course and not being heard or leaving not understanding what you have been taught.

In the training room, Carol and Luke create a space where massive transformation becomes possible, they hold a space where all students feel safe and secure. All students have the opportunity to step into their greatest potential. Carol and Luke are devoted to giving value even after the training is complete with support, connection, and ongoing revision.

As a 1:1 client, we want you to feel heard and supported. We understand that life can throw us challenges and sometimes you need help, you need another perspective to help you push through. It takes courage to put your hand up and admit that maybe you can`t get through things on your own.

We understand that our clients also want to feel safe and have peace of mind that they have chosen the right people to help them heal.

Between us both, we have over 15 years of experience helping people reconnect back to self, transforming lives, and freeing people from their trauma.

If you feel that you need help in a specific area of life and are going through changes.

If you are feeling stuck and don`t know what to do next.

If you have been affected in your life by trauma.

If you are facing emotional challenges.

This is where you get to work with either Luke or Carol with our private coaching options.

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