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Package 1 - Modern Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner Certification Training

These packages are designed firstly to reward students who are dedicated in learning multiple modalities with Mindset Mastery NLP as well as to creating more options & tools for their future clientele.

Modern Hypnosis training is our entry-level Internationally accredited training that offers many benefits within the scope of practice.

When we combine our 7-Day Internationally accredited NLP training with Modern Hypnosis, it provides our students with more options to loosen the grip of the presenting problem with their clients, especially using the tools of linguistic reframing, anchoring plus more.

When the students are shown how to package their services for their clientele, for eg. a 6-8 week program, they can use the modalities of NLP & Time Line Therapy® to shift heavier emotions from past negative events, & using specific Modern Hypnosis techniques to continue healing with the conscious & unconscious mind.

Package 1 includes :

3-Day Modern Hypnosis Training - Internationally Accredited

7-Day NLP Practitioner Training - Internationally Accredited

Retail Price - $4,892 + $795 Payment Plan

Package 1 Price - $4494 + $795 Payment Plan

Minimum Deposit Required - $1494

Prices in AUD - International Students P.O.A

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