Mindset Mastery NLP - Action Takers

Package 3 - Modern Hypnosis, NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Training

These packages are designed firstly to reward students who are dedicated in learning multiple modalities with Mindset Mastery NLP as well as to creating more options & tools for their future clientele.

When we combine all of our 3 accredited courses, the students are fully equipped as a Master Practitioner of 4 specialised modalities.

Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner of NLP

Master NLP Coach

Master Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Learning from entry-level to Master Practitioner level creates a strong foundation to help your future clientele in more detail with an opportunity for exceptional life-changing results.

Mindset Mastery NLP provides phone, zoom, individual & group support for its students to create a healing ripple effect for many years to come.

Package 3 includes :

3-Day Modern Hypnosis Training - Internationally Accredited

7-Day NLP Practitioner Training - Internationally Accredited

15-Day NLP Practitioner Training - Internationally Accredited

Retail Price - $11,392 + $795 Payment Plan

Package 3 Price - $8997 + $795 Payment Plan

Minimum Deposit Required - $1997

Prices in AUD - International Students P.O.A

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