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Welcome from Carol & Luke

We are so excited to virtually meet you all here. This website is dedicated to people who are exploring new ways to heal, grow, expand, create new careers, and be of service to the community & become true leaders in their own right. Below are our offerings to assist you further on your journey...

Carol Johnston-Mollica alongside her husband Luke Mollica is a dynamic heart-centred couple creating positive impact locally, nationally & Internationally with their accredited trainings, private coaching, relationships events & retreats including personal development programs.

Our Services include the following:
Internationally Accredited NLP Courses
Internationally Accredited Modern Hypnosis Courses
Internationally Accredited Time Line Therapy® with integrated NLP
Transformational Breakthrough Programs with Integrated NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis

One-on-One Private Coaching
Personal Development Online Program - 90-Day Reset
Relationship Recharge Online Program - with Carol & Luke
Relationships Day Event - biannual
Relationships 4 Day Retreat - Yearly

Our vision is to continue our amazing work to create the ripple effect amongst communities throughout the world. We live and breathe transformation hence our tagline of "Transformed for Life" Once you experience this type of personal transformation with Mindset Mastery NLP, it is a welcome reset for your unconscious mind.

Our courses are delivered both virtually online & face-to-face throughout the year.

Mindset Mastery NLP company values include the following:
Creating Impact

We also offer FREE group Hypnosis sessions approx every 3 weeks
Our Free Resources site - www.somethingsnotright.com.au
Linktree - https://linktr.ee/mmnlp

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